Katie Strumpf
"Helping kids with cancer.......a cancer survivor's story"  

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"My daughter is 10 years old with cancer. I bought this book and just left it around the house. She picked it up the day I bought it and starting reading it. She found it easy to read and it expressed many of her thoughts. Great book for kid with cancer."

Jennifer Hollywood (Maryland)

6/11/2007, from amazon.com

"Many thanks to Katie Strumpf for sharing her struggles, challenges, and eventual triumph of dealing with cancer as a child. I am a volunteer reader at an elementary school, and I have selected this book to read on my next visit to the school. I will also donate a few of her books to some schools for their library. Katie's inspiring book brings forth a humbling message to kids and adults alike to 'never give up!'"

Glenn Carr (Annapolis, Maryland)

1/24/2007, from amazon.com

"Helpful, heart-warming, and real I gave this book to my nephew who is 12 and was recently diagnosed with A.M.L Leukemia, and it was so helpful and informative. He said he literally felt like the author was talking directly to him, and the topics were relevant to his fears, uncertainties, etc. The best thing about this book is that is real and honest, and gets right to the heart of the matter, the trials and tribulations of facing cancer at a young age. This book helped my nephew immensely."


11/20/2006, from barnesandnobles.com

"I Never Signed Up for This" is a great resource for grade school and adolescent-aged cancer patients. It's written in a format that's easy to understand and apply and provides a no-nonsense guide to navigating the turbulence of the cancer experience. A must-read for newly-diagnosed pediatric oncology patients and those who are still trying to make sense of their cancer struggle, it highlights the importance of friendship and community in the battle.

Dave Smith

CEO of Special Love, Inc.